Betty Rexine
After being dropped on her head
as a small child, Rexine was
raised by monkeys, and survived by
making them laugh so hard that
they couldn't eat her. Eventually,
she was discovered by a
traveling circus, who thought she
would make a great Rubber Lady.
Alas, only her face is rubber
- the rest is banana peel!

Growth in Magic
As she grew up, Rexine found that people laughed no matter how serious she was. After discovering a book of magic in which every other page was missing, she decided to become a great magician so the public would take her seriously. Unfortunately, the book only taught her half of what she needed to know. Magical things always happened, but seldom as she intended, and often with wacky detours along the way!

Using Her Powers For Good
Betty Rexine has now dedicated her life to making people take theirs less seriously. And now, when she fails, she succeeds!

Let Rexine make your next event a hilarious success!